GamerLink Beta v2.4.4 Changelog – The Grand Tour!


• Added a short “GamerLink Tour” video that will help new users (and maybe old ones!) become familiar with the most important areas in GamerLink

• Added a handy notification that can be used to re-watch the GamerLink Tour video (it IS pretty awesome!)

• Fixed a bug where it was possible to send a friend chat message to a user even when not friends

• Tons of smaller fixes and improvements

• Bug fixes and improvements

• Bug fixes and improvements

GamerLink Beta v2.4.3 Changelog – Tying Up Loose Ends


• Fixed a bug where Availability wasn’t being properly calculated when editing a Beacon

• Tons of smaller fixes and improvements

• Updated popular games to scroll with the rest of the list

• Fixed a bug that prevented games from being added when searched for

• Fixed a bug that caused a loop when trying to add games already owned

• Bug fixes and improvements

• Fixed a bug where the updated platform ID Feed item was sometimes not being themed

• Bug fixes and improvements

GamerLink Beta v2.4.2 Changelog – So that’s where the games were!


• Platform games have overcome their shyness and are now being displayed in all their HD cover art glory!

• Updated platform games to no longer require platform ID when being added
-> Platform ID can be updated at any time in the Profile. However, platform ID is still required when broadcasting or replying to a Beacon

• Updated popular games for all platforms

• Updated platform games with proper multi-select

• Updated platform games search bar to display the number of games selected

• Updated create Lobby post icon

• Added clear button to platform games search bar

• Tons of smaller bug fixes and improvements


• Added a dialog for taken platform IDs

• Fixed the platform icon for Mobile

• Fixed a bug where Availability values were off by 15 minutes

• Fixed a bug where the Beacon owner wouldn’t see the full Beacon after tapping on a notification

• Bug fixes and improvements

• Updated Dashboard to automatically refresh when navigating there through the menu drawer

• Bug fixes and improvements

5 Things we’re looking forward to the most from Rise of Iron

We’re only 12 days away from the new Destiny DLC, Rise of Iron and the Bungie crew has given us so much info on what’s to be expected. There are so many cool new additions along with certain weapons being brought back from year one. Here is a breakdown of the Rise of Iron Content we are most excited for:

Iron Gjallarhorn - Destiny Rise of Iron


Year one was the year of the Thorn Hand Cannon and Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher. You couldn’t enter a crucible match without taking a few Thorn shots to the face, and couldn’t get into a raid group unless you had a Gjallarhorn to take down the big boss. While these 2 iconic destiny weapons were left out in the year 2 update, they are finally making a comeback in Rise of Iron, with the newly skinned Gjallarhorn, called the Iron Gjallarhorn, being a pre-order bonus.

Destiny Rise of Iron LFG


The Taken King brought us the Dreadnaught, and Rise of Iron will bring the Plaguelands. With a brand new Patrol area on earth, a new social space called Felwinters Peak (the home of the Iron Lords) and plenty of new content including a new Strike, the new “Archon’s Forge” Arena (similar to Court of Oryx), and of course the new “Wrath of the Machine” raid. There is also going to be plenty of snow!

Destiny Rise of Iron Crucible PVP


1v1 me bro!! Now you can! Take your personal feuds into the crucible and battle your friends and clan members for ultimate Destiny supremacy. This has been a long awaited feature for Destiny PVP and you will finally have the chance to have a nice friendly fight to the death with your Destiny squad.

Destiny Rise of Iron


The Destiny Artifacts were a new addition for The Taken King DLC, but aside from some added stats and defense, they didn’t do much. With Rise of Iron the Artifacts are being overhauled to include some game changing abilities. Some of these include: Melee an enemy and gain it’s allegiance, or Lose your super but gain double Melee, Grenade, and a boost to your stats. We are definitely looking forward to checking these out and working out new Guardian builds.

Destiny Rise of Iron Artifact


Of course, with a new Destiny DLC comes a higher Light level to achieve. As someone who’s been at 335 for some time now, finally being able to work towards the new goal of 400 is something to look forward to. Of course, for those new Destiny users, if you pick up ‘Destiny – The Collection’ you’ll receive a level boost to 40 and can start working on increasing your Light level right away!

Get ready for Rise of Iron and build up your fireteam with GamerLink, The Universal LFG Platform.

GamerLink Beta v2.4.0 Changelog – The Main Course


• Updated Beacon Start Time and Estimated Length to Availability

• Updated Beacon Info with tabs for Details, Lobby and Feedback

• Updated Beacon Details to show the status of each reply (pending, accepted, etc.)

• Updated Beacon Feed item to display Availability

• Updated UI in various screens

• Added a useful tooltip for Availability

• Fixed a bug that allowed updating a Beacon reply even if nothing was changed

• Fixed a bug in Beacon Description where platform and game names wouldn’t be double lined if they were too long

• Fixed a bug on the Feed that caused the new Feed items UI to not be shown

• Removed step numbers from edit Beacon screen

• Tons of smaller bug fixes and improvements

• Fixed a bug in broadcast Beacon where the top bar would keep the platform color after resetting a Beacon

• Fixed a bug on the Feed where location wouldn’t be displayed properly

• Fixed a bug where pressing back with friend chats open wouldn’t work as intended

• Fixed a bug where the Feed wouldn’t refresh after deleting a Beacon (why does this sound familiar?)

• Fixed a bug where push notifications wouldn’t always open the notifications screen

• Bug fixes and improvements

• Updated logic for notifications to remove dot when opening screen instead of after reading all notifications

• Updated keyboard to automatically collapse when scrolling in friend chat

• Fixed a bug where tapping the menu drawer quickly after opening a Beacon would cause the Dashboard to be blank

• Fixed a bug where the Badge unlocked notification wouldn’t display the proper Badge

• Bug fixes and improvements

GamerLink Beta v2.3.7 Changelog – The Appetizer


• Added support for Paragon

• Fix a bug in Beacon description where adding hashtags would prevent text from being entered

• Fixed a bug where the friend chat icon would watch too many ninja videos and blend in with the top bar

• Fixed a bug where the app would sometimes crash when adding too many games at once

• Bug fixes and improvements

• Bug fixes and improvements

GamerLink Beta v2.3.5 Changelog – You’re GO!ng to love this!


• Added support for Pokémon GO! (and Mobile)!
-> We may be late to the party but that’s because when we do something, we do it right! ^_^’ Jokes aside the Pokémon GO! hype is impossible to ignore, and GamerLink is giving you another reason to run into a few more trees: GamerLink now allows you to connect with gamers to play Pokémon GO!, so GO! add it to your game library and start sending Beacons! But wait, Pokémon GO! requires location so how will that work? Well…

• GamerLink Beacons now support (current) Location!
-> Wahhh??!! Yes you heard right. While sending a Beacon you now have the option to add your current location (down to the city). This gives you an even further level of flexibility to your Beacons, letting you connect with awesome gamers nearby to take down gyms or watch your money turn into raining pink petals. Location isn’t exclusive to Pokémon GO! and can be added to any of the hundreds of games that GamerLink supports. Location is currently optional for all games but Pokémon GO!. And that’s not all…

• The Dashboard Feed can now be filtered by (current) Location!
-> That’s right, even the filter is feeling the Pokémon GO! love. We’ll we’ve actually wanted to update the filter since we’ve added it and we still have some cool updates in store, but for now location felt like an appropriate addition. Like Beacons, when Location is selected it will automatically be set to your current location. Let us know how you feel about this! Also, for now a game must also be selected with a location when applying a filter but this will most likely change in the filter update.

• Updated the Feed and Beacon Info to display Beacon Location
-> Nothing too crazy here, just some UI updates to support the addition of Location.

• Fixed a bug where very long Beacon descriptions would prevent you from editing the Beacon time

• Fixed a bug where long Beacon descriptions were being cut off in Beacon Info

• Fixed a bug where loading more Feed items with the “New Feed Items” UI would remove it

• Fixed a bug where push notifications wouldn’t be cleared when opening the app

• Fixed a bug where the accept/ignore buttons for a friend request would be removed before confirming a nickname

• Fixed a bug where viewing your own Profile wouldn’t show the menu drawer icon

• Removed the ability to edit a reply for an expired Beacon

• Removed the ability to accept a reply for an expired Beacon


GamerLink Beta v2.3.4 – Planet of the Fixes


• Updated the UI on screens where content would be hidden under the FAB

• Fixed a bug where the Feed would sometimes show duplicate content

• Fixed a bug where the Feed wouldn’t automatically refresh after posting a Beacon

• Fixed a bug where the Feed wouldn’t show the UI for new Feed items

• Fixed a bug where Beacons would sometimes be posted multiple times

• Fixed a bug where Beacon replies would sometimes cause multiple notifications

• Fixed a bug where deleting a Beacon wouldn’t update the Feed

• Fixed a bug where Beacon Estimated Length was defaulting to 15 minutes instead of 30

• Fixed a bug where tapping a Beacon would dim the timestamp

• Added the ability to view changelogs directly in the app

• Added the ability to edit, expire and delete Beacons

• Added the ability to edit and delete Beacon replies

• Updated Profile with user activity Feed

• Updated push notifications to be expandable

• Updated various UI elements

• Updated the top bar icons in the chat drawer to match iOS

• Updated the Feed and Chat UI to improve performance

• Fixed a bug where the Beacon would be defaulted to a game after the filter was removed

• Fixed a bug where posting a Beacon didn’t update the Feed

GamerLink Beta v2.3.3 – Everyone Loves Beacon!


• Updated GamerLink Beacons
-> Beacons have gotten a minor overhaul this update, focused on helping you better connect with other gamers. The largest update to Beacons is the addition of “Estimated Length” and “Start Time”. Estimated Length lets other games know how long you plan to game for, while Start Time let’s gamers know when you plan to begin gaming. Other improvements include unlimited Beacon descriptions and moving the create Beacon FAB to the Dashboard for easy access.

• Updated Feed UI for Beacons
-> In order to take advantage of the new information available for Beacons, we’ve give the Beacon Feed item a fresh coat of paint. High quality game wallpapers and a cleaner layout helps make searching for your next gaming experience even more enjoyable!

• Updated Beacons replies to allow adding messages
-> In addition to increasing the flexibility of Beacons, we wanted to improve the process of replying to a Beacon as well. Using the previous system, you would reply to a Beacon by tapping the reply button and then wait to see if you got a response back. The Beacon owner would receive a notification saying you wanted to game and they could choose to accept your reply, but there was nothing special about the reply itself. This update gives gamers replying to a Beacon a way to express their interest to game or show that they have what it takes to help accomplish a goal, using the same tools available to the Beacon owner (text, hashtags etc.). It also give the Beacon owner a way to compare replies so that they can always connect with the best gamers for them. Adding a message to a Beacon reply is currently mandatory.

• Updated Beacon Info UI
-> Similar to the Feed UI, Beacon Info needed a bit of an update to handle all this new information. While you should explore the updated Beacon Info to get familiar with where everything is, here’s a few key things to keep in mind:
-> As a Beacon owner you can now view all of the replies your Beacon has received.
-> Beacons and Beacon replies can be edited after posting. However they won’t always be editable, such as when a reply has already been accepted.

• Updated game cover arts to no longer go to game Communities
-> Keep reading for the full explanation.

• Removed GamerLink Communities
-> We like the idea behind Communities; a way for gamers with similar interest (games for the first version) to connect and engage with each other. However, because we created a Community for every game we ended up with a few active Communities and a lot of inactive ones. So for now we’re removing Communities from GamerLink while we go back to the drawing board. We got a ton of great feedback after our last survey that we’re excited to start putting into action, so look out for progress updates on the new and improved Communities!

• Removed GamerLink Streamers
-> As with Communities, we like the potential GamerLink Streamers has to help established and upcoming streamers engage with their fan base, while providing a better streamer discovery platform than what is currently available. However a combination of non-engaged streamers and focusing on other features left GL Streamers in a weird spot. Since we want to provide a great experience for both streamers and gamers on the platform, we’re removing GL Streamers while we collect more data and feedback on what features the platform should have. As Communities v2 is the next big feature in the pipeline, we’re currently not certain on when GL Streamers will return.

• Added the ability to expire a Beacon
-> Beacon owners can now “expire” their Beacon after posting, which removes the ability for gamers to reply. You can expire a Beacon when editing.

• Added Activity Feed to Profile
-> Friends don’t believe that you’re really a hardcore gamer? Now you can show them your gaming activity and prove it! Activity Feeds allow you to check out what friends and gamers you connect with have been up to on GamerLink.

• Added the ability to filter Dashboard Feed by any owned games
-> With the removal of Communities, there needed to be a way to organize content on your Dashboard Feed. So this update includes the addition of a Feed filter, which allows you to temporarily limit what type of content appear in your Feed. Currently the Filter can only be applied for owned games, but the ability to filter by games, hashtags, users and more are planned for future updates.

• Added the ability to manually refresh all Feeds via pull-to-refresh
-> Pretty self explanatory. While at the top of a Feed, continue pulling and then let go to manually refresh.

• TONS of smaller bug fixes and improvements

• Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t see all of your friends if you had more than 50 (lucky you!)

• Fixed a bug where changing a friend’s displayed platform would sometimes cause a crash

• Fixed a bug where notifications weren’t being marked as read

• Fixed a bug where the collapsed game library was showing more than 3 games

• Updated friends list with platform icons

• Updated Beacon tags to work properly with more symbols

• Updated Force Touch shortcut to “Post A Beacon”

• Added the ability to view changelogs directly in the app

• Fixed a bug where new message notifications wouldn’t be received after closing a chat

• Fixed a bug where a Steam ID would be considered invalid if it had an underscore

• Fixed a bug where game library would disappear

• Fixed a bug where Feed would lose it’s saved position after viewing a Beacon

GamerLink Beta v2.3.1 Changelog – The Calm Before the Storm


• Updated list of Beacon tags to be seperate for each game
-> Beacon tags are now being tracked on a per game basis. With the ability to add custom tags included in this update as well, you can now start using and creating tags specific to the game you want to play. Let the creativity flow!

• Updated notifications UI and logic
-> Notifications no longer disappear when interacted with and will instead indicate if they are read or unread.

• Updated the structure of Beacons in the Feed in preperation for a huge Beacon update
-> 😉

• Updated the UI for longer GamerLink IDs

• Fixed a bug with the new notification indicator being incorrectly displayed

• Removed side scrolling of games in Game Library

• Fixed a bug with tutorials on the Dashboard

• Tons of smaller bug fixes

• Fixed a bug where a friend chat wouldn’t load after quickly backing out

• Fixed a UI bug with the tutorial arrow

• Fixed a UI bug with updating a friend’s nickname

• Fixed a bug where messages where not being marked as unread

• Tons of smaller bug fixes